Change Management and Training

Change management is a process that should be included in the planning and delivery of a project from the very beginning. Often time change is not taken into consideration in the development of project plans. It is for that reason change management had been addressed as separate component to the usual project methodology that you may be currently using. Once the change management plan has been developed it should be integrated with the project plan and can be included at any point after start up.

iLynx follows three stages of change management process and it is considered alongside the nature and  magnitude of the change.

Stage A: Identify the Change and Training need

Stage B: Implementation of Change.

Stage C: Review and appraisal of change.

Stage A identifies the situation that brought about the change, size and characteristics of the change. It defines current state and what it will look like in the future. It considers range of options, solutions and actions to implement change, cost associated to the change and risks involves implementing the change. Stage A also identifies the levels of participations from the stake holders, identifies root cause of resistance and roles of the change management team.
Stage B focuses on developing and implementing the change. In this stage, we generate action plan, communication plan, training plan, business system plan, resistance plan and transition plan.
The communication plan provides a multi-faced approach for branding and promoting the new product or stage of business. A communication assessment is performed that identifies all methods of communications and a tactical communication plan is shared with the team throughout the process. Tactical communication plan is a living document.
The primary goal of Training plan is to prepare employees to use the new system and its underlying processes effectively after they are deployed. Training plan identifies tasks, develops curriculums, creates estimate for development and lists delivery methodology such as instructor-led or computer based training.
Resistance plan identifies key areas of resistance and develops a resistance management plan.
Knowledge transfer strategy is developed to provide a road map for transferring knowledge, skills and ability to maintain future stage. Successful Knowledge transfer rests on both client’s staff and consulting partner. iLynx uses a five (5) scale for knowledge transfer rating.
Stage C: In this stage we track the rolled out changes, evaluate change implementation in progress, gauge risk involvement, reduce impact involvement, assess released output and create an alternate path if required.
Why iLynx?
iLynx has a defined process and proven tools that we used over the past decade implementing changes in large organizations such as Medstar Health, Hilton Worldwide and City of Minneapolis. Below is a sample example of our recent work:
Project Management services to lead change management effort during an ERP Implementation at MedStar Health.
MedStar Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization. It operates more than 120 entities, including ten hospitals in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area of the United States. It is the employer with the largest number of local employees in that area.  With $4.2 B in revenue, MedStar employs 28,061 associates and 5,600 affiliated physicians.
iLynx lead change management for MedStar Health’s transition from a Infor (Lawson)  to PeopleSoft 9.1 in six (6) hospitals, ten (10) corporate entities, twenty three (23) diversified businesses and research institutions. For MedStar, iLynx provided workforce transition guidance, security role mapping, communications, executive outreach, and training services. We developed a four-tier post-production support process that included PeopleSoft core functional and technical teams, a helpdesk support team, and 300 subject matter experts to support approximately 30,000 customers using PeopleSoft Financials, Supply Chain and Human Capital Management.

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