Enterprise IT Strategy

Business and IT leaders must sync their strategies.

This achieves the speed and agility required to meet today’s industry expectations and remain focused on the cost effectiveness of IT initiatives. iLynx helps clients understand and plan for the strategic business opportunities presented by IT.

iLynx helps clients understand and plan for the strategic business opportunities presented by IT.

Enterprise IT Governance and PMO

IT governance:

  • Facilitates decision making,
  • Maximizes performance, and
  • Minimizes risk without limiting innovation.

IT governance is an essential tool for organizations striving to improve IT service delivery, address regulatory compliance objectives, and continually enhance stakeholder value. The scope of the services can be broken down in three high-level categories of: People, Process and Technology.

iLynx focuses on helping clients understand, plan for and realize the strategic business opportunities presented by Information Technology’ or IT.

Independent Verification and Validation

Modern software practitioners implement V&V (verification & validation) as a single concept with the objectives to

  • Demonstrate technical correctness,
  • Assess the overall quality of the system, and
  • Ensure compliance with standards.

Although everyone who participates in software development plays a role in V&V, the most important part is typically performed by independent organizations and referred to as “independent verification and validation” (IV&V).

iLynx is a vendor agnostic service provider and an ideal independent partner to validate and verify Enterprise IT environment for its effectiveness and usefulness.

Enterprise Security Governance

For Enterprise Security Governance, risk assessment is usually the best place to start.

This should be based on an analysis of the likelihood of 1) different threats, 2) vulnerabilities, and 3) impact. Consideration of the impact of security threats should always be the responsibility of business management, who should ultimately sign-off acceptance of the risk management plan.

In practice, this is an area where the business needs to be more involved. Executive management, information systems security professionals, data owners, process owners, technology providers, users, and information systems auditors all have roles and responsibilities in ensuring the effectiveness of information security.

iLynx is able to help navigate these complicated processes and support understanding and execution across the business and IT sectors.

Cloud IT Governance

The benefits of cloud computing cannot be fully realized unless cloud solutions are guided by a comprehensive cloud-governance model. This entails integrating cloud solutions within your organization’s existing operating model.

At iLynx, we shift the focus from resource management to operations and security. Cloud governance orchestrates resources, users, and services to prevent risks, such as shadow IT, duplication of capacities, and security threats.

Change Management and Training Services

Change management is a process that should be included in the planning and delivery of a project from the very beginning.

iLynx has a defined process and proven tools that we used over the past decade implementing changes in large organization. iLynx follows three stages of change management process:

  • Identify the change and training need
  • Implementation of change
  • Review and appraisal of change.

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