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The primary goals of Information and Technology (IT) governance are to (1) assure that the use of information and technology generates business value, (2) oversee management's performance and (3) mitigate the risks associated with using information and technology. This can be done through board-level direction, implementing an organizational structure with well-defined accountability for decisions that impact the successful achievement of strategic objectives and institutionalize good practices through organizing activities in processes with clearly defined outcomes that can be linked to the organization's strategic objectives.

IT governance facilitates decision making, maximizes performance, and minimizes risk without limiting innovation. Identifying value drivers is critical to defining, measuring, and monitoring value across the entire portfolio of IT services. IT governance is an essential tool for organizations striving to improve IT service delivery, address regulatory compliance objectives, and continually enhance stakeholder value.

Business and IT leaders must sync their strategies to achieve the speed and agility required to meet expectations and at the same time remain focused on the cost effectiveness of IT initiatives. iLynx focuses on helping clients understand, plan for and realize the strategic business opportunities presented by information technology.

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