ERP Readiness, Assessment and Selection Services

iLynx developed a multi-phased approach to our software needs assessment and selection process. It allows the collaborative process to shape and develop our recommendations and approach, enabling us to tailor each steps to fit your unique specifications. We view this as a partnership with you to improve the Enterprise IT environments so they can better meet the needs of leadership, management, staff and your constituents.

  • Phase 0: Project Management.

  • Phase 1: Needs Assessment.

  • Phase 2: RFP Development.

  • Phase 3: RFP Issuance, ERP Evaluation and Demonstrations Management.

  • Phase 4: Contract Review and Negotiations.

  • Phase 5: Prepare Implementation Strategy and Budget

The following are some of the critical criteria for evaluating ERP software:

  1. Functional fit with the Company’s business processes,

  2. Degree of integration between the various components of the ERP system,

  3. Flexibility and scalability, 

  4. Complexity,

  5. User friendliness,

  6. Quick implementation,

  7. Shortened ROI period,

  8. Ability to support multi-site planning and control,

  9. Technology,

  10. Web-based capabilities and Cloud readiness,

  11. Database independence,

  12. Security,

  13. Availability of regular upgrades,

  14. Amount of customization required,

  15. Local support infrastructure,

  16. Availability of reference sites,

  17. Total costs, including cost of license, training, implementation, maintenance, 

        customization and hardware requirements.

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