Data Warehouse and Reporting

Successful Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) implementation is not contingent upon the features and functions of the underlying enabling technologies. The success is driven by the understanding of the operational data, deep industry subject matter expertise and the fundamental understanding of information needs of all levels of the organization. iLynx strongly believes and recommends the “business and data centric” approach as a critical success factor for an initiative of this type.  The ability to perform analytical & business analysis on aggregated data, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) is necessary for an Enterprise System. Therefore, to develop an Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) solution, industries ought to seek a partner that has expertise on the recommended enabling technology platform coupled with deep subject matter expertise in Public and private Sector.

 iLynx has delivered EDW and business analytics engagements across our portfolio of accounts that have delivered information to drive operational efficiency, manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and predictive analytics that drive program specific outcomes for recipients.

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