Process Streamlining & Optimization

Update. Optimize. Automate.

Using the “Streamlining and Optimization” approach, iLynx works with clients to assess their current state, identify business requirements, analyze gaps, demonstrate current software capabilities, generate a list of business areas to improve, and configure additional functionalities that have not yet been used (or have not been optimally used).

iLynx places heavy emphasis on the newest tools available within the existing technology’s upgraded versions, business process review for optimizations, integrating standalone systems to remove duplicate work, and automating manual processes to reduce hours spent.

Our professionals deliver leading practices and insights that are rooted in practical project and industry experience.

Grants Pre-award and Post-award Readiness and Optimization

Grants are an important funding source for many organizations. However, organizations that provide grants are placing more scrutiny on the use of these funds as well as demanding greater transparency.

Optimizing and automating pre-award and post-award grants management systems with iLynx allow organizations the ability to focus on receiving additional funds and submitting necessary reports to be compliant than to debugging issues or manually processing transactions.

Asset Lifecycle Management

An asset lifecycle is the series of stages involved in the management of an asset. It starts with the planning stages when the need for an asset is identified and continues all the way through its useful life and eventual disposal.

Customers can see tremendous benefit in their asset tracking and management process by modernizing asset management with mobile scanning devices, enabling GPS location tracking, and being able to manage from virtually any location using cloud-enabled solutions with iLynx.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Supplier Contract Management provides the framework to create and manage the transactional procurement contracts used for executing purchases. It also provides robust document-management authoring capabilities to create and manage the written contract using Microsoft Word.

iLynx provides end-to-end integrated and automated CLM solution designed to manage the entire lifecycle of contractual agreement.

Enable Agile IT

Strategic initiatives, especially lengthy IT programs, frequently incur cost overruns and schedule slips, while contributing little to mission-related outcomes.

Too often these programs become risky, costly, and deliver less value than originally planned. iLynx agile methodologies can improve such a system by using:

  • Progressive elaboration,
  • Iteration,
  • Product demonstration,
  • Adaptation, and
  • Customer feedback to accelerate modular delivery of IT value.
Optimize Cyber Security

Digital business has created a new ecosystem, one in which partners add new business capabilities and security complexities. Companies should evolve from a “classical control” level to an “optimized control” level approach.

A well-defined cyber security operating model in terms of services, governance and technology is key for successful optimization with iLynx.

Workforce Planning

iLynx proposes a holistic Workforce Planning Methodology. This has been successfully employed to guide clients through workforce planning initiatives to strategically build the strength and effectiveness of organizational staffing.

This method has been successfully employed to assist government agencies and private sector clients in the identification and implementation of talent strategies needed to recruit, organize, and retain the employees who will execute their mission.

Financial Close

An efficient month-end, quarter-end and year-end close process increases discipline and structure, improves controls, and reduces risk.

Streamlining financials close processes with iLynx puts accurate financial information into leadership’s hands sooner, facilitating timely analyses and smarter decision-making.

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