What’s new in PeopleTools: Elastic Search to replace SES and Verity!

What is Elasticsearch?

ES is a new search engine introduced in Tools 8.55.11. Other search engines in PeopleSoft such as SES (Secure Enterprise Search) and Verity will no longer be supported by PeopleSoft after April 2018. It provides better resource utilization and faster search result. ES is an open source search and analytic engine based on Apachy Lucy. Even though it is an open source and is a 3rd party product, PeopleSoft added additional codes specific PeopleSoft Applications.

Facts about Elasticsearch:

  • Open source search and analytic engine based on Apache Lucy.

  • Decreases operational overhead and easy to configure.

  • Moved from Secure Enterprise Search (SES – introduced in 8.52/8.53) to this new search engine to avoid having to code and customize.

  • ES provides way to perform global search.

  • ES uses fraction of resources and easy to perform disaster recovery setup.ES provides immediate benefits of running indexes efficiently.

  • End users gets better performance. It’s not just search result, it’s how quickly search returns.

  • 8.56 – Only supports ES and no more of SES or Verity.

  • 8.55 And 8.54 – Supports for Verity, SES and ES. You would need to be on patch 17 to use ES.

  • PTSF – (People Tools Search Framework) gives users full power of defining and using the search. It remains the same.

  • In order for ES to work on applications, customers need to apply a list of fixes using selecting adoption.

Migrating to Elastic Search:

  • PeopleSoft uses a new feature called ‘Live Cutover’ that allows you to move ES search to production while SES is still running. You can run ES and SES simultaneously.

  • Retain SES hardware that you have and run ES on it. ES uses less resource so customer will have more headroom for ES.

  • High level steps:

  • Add an ES instance.

  • Apply ES updates and fixes from latest PUM image.

  • Deploy search definitions and categories.

  • Build search engine with full crawling. Full crawl is required. Consider the time it will take for a full crawl of your search definitions.

  • Schedule incremental crawling updates.

  • Perform UAT and go live on ES. You can test ES using the ‘Search Test’ Page.

Deployment Options:

  • New installation on PeopleSoft 9.2 and Elasticsearch.

  • Transition from existing Oracle SES to Elastic Search with downtime.

  • Avoid possibility of resource contentions.

  • Perform UAT in a non-production environment.

  • Plan for downtime while indexes are being built in production.

  • Transition from existing Oracle SES to Elastic Search without downtime

  • Good option if you have a large number of indexes and do not want any downtime.

  • Configure a new search instance in production for ES.

Important Dates and Facts:

  • You have to be on ES before April 2018 since support for SES is going away.

  • Move to 8.56.02 or 8.55.17 to use ES.

  • Verity and Secure Enterprise Search will not be supported any longer.

Where do you find additional information?

  • Contact iLynx at info@ilynxinc.com

  • Visit Oracle Portal at www.peoplesoftinfo.com

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