Technology Staffing Strategy

iLynx proposes a holistic Workforce Planning Methodology, which has been successfully employed to guide clients through workforce planning initiatives to strategically build the strength and effectiveness of organizational staffing. This method has been successfully employed to assist government agencies and private sector clients in the identification and implementation of talent strategies needed to recruit, organize, and retain the employees who will execute their mission. The figure below exhibits this methodology.

Phase I: Workforce assessment

iLynx workforce planning approach brings full lifecycle modeling capability that can analyze current staffing and future requirements. This analysis will contribute to developing a roadmap for effective staff planning strategies in the future. The assessment phase is designed to provide a foundation for understanding client's current technology staffing levels and structure compared to organizations of similar size and characteristics in regards to budget, staffing levels, and users, sites, and application systems supported. We also review the staffing levels against organizational objectives to verify alignment. During this phase, we collaborate with stakeholders to review and analyze staffing to identify whether the client has the correct level of staffing to provide an appropriate level of service based upon number of users, sites and technologies and systems supported, therefore, we will rely on the Skills Framework for Information Age (SFIA) to ensure the organization has the right skill-sets, in addition to the right number of staff.

Phase II: Workforce analysis

Once the workforce assessment has been performed, iLynx conducts an analysis of current state, by determining gaps in the current staffing model and developing a proposed desired future state. This phase involves analyzing and developing charts to provide an overview of where the current staffing structure level should be today using our methodology. This approach allows stakeholders to explore “what if” scenarios based on the current staffing levels, organizational objectives, and anticipated changes in service that may warrant additional or decreased staffing levels. During the analysis phase, the team also reviews organizational structure and business processes, to determine if there are areas that could be automated, thereby negating or minimizing direct personnel management. Further, the workforce planning analysis includes an assessment of the organization’s critical workforce segments or mission critical positions to determine where potential talent gaps and surpluses exist within the organization. This analysis also includes the development of forecast scenarios to view a range of possible situations, including outsourcing as a potential staffing option. 


Phase III: Workforce planning

Following the Workforce Analysis phase, iLynx develops a workforce plan designed to resolve the gaps in current versus future state of the staffing needs. This step crystalizes our analysis and enables us to develop workforce plans for mission-critical occupations, including competency models detailing proficiency and importance ratings by occupational and subject matter.


We also develop a workforce plan that outlines and documents current workforce composition with regard to supply and demand, future workforce requirements, and existing gaps. Furthermore, this plan prioritizes and details the appropriate talent strategies to take in order to mitigate identified gaps. We prepare and provide a presentation with analysis results and recommendations to the client.

Sample iLynx questionnaire used during technology staffing assessments. IT.

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